Cloud & Managed Services

It’s our job to help businesses integrate and manage your cloud computing network. As a company we provided Skilled resources which will augment in house functionalities and IT infrastructure to be managed in collaboration with third party managed service providers such as:

  •          Microsoft Office 365
  •          Microsoft Azure
  •          SharePoint
  •          IBM Cloud
  •          Citrix Cloud
  •       Amazon Cloud

Cloud Managed Services is a perfect way to reduce huge costs of installing hardware to cope with Network software systems which may need upgrading over time, as Cloud Manged Services are easily updatable and enables organisations to expand competences that they lack or to replace functions or processes that incurred huge recurring costs.

Cloud Managed Services has grown in recent years more and more companies are adopting this way of computing as it deems to be more efficient, reliable and at a lower cost. 


We help our customers improve Productivity with Collaboration Technology. We deliver personalised omni-channel experiences that satisfy the needs of our clients.

We can offer Conferencing solutions as well as Collaboration endpoints to meet the business requirements of our clients.

Some of the solutions we offer:

  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Skype for Business
  • WebEx

Quantum Gates Collaboration Tools help your organisation perform as one, matching people with the innovative tools they need to collaborate more easily and work more productively. With access to the latest collaboration applications from a range of devices and locations, your workforce can connect in near real-time and grow faster through quicker and collaborative decision-making.

Workforce collaboration and outcomes are improved through the brilliant experiences we can provide your business. Services are delivered from the cloud under a simple per-user-per-month service model. You can easily scale as your business grows, leaving the costs and complexity of managing your own infrastructure behind.